Green Business Initiative

Established 2010

The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce has established a Green Business Initiative.  Its committee is being spearheaded by Roundy’s Distribution Center.  If your business is “green” and would like to be part of this committee, please call the Chamber office at 262-567-2666.

Charter Members:
City of Oconomowoc
Evolution Marketing
Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc.


Situation Statement

Oconomowoc businesses are identified as community leaders and recognized for their commitment to their customers.  In addition, the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce understands that we have a responsibility to the environment we all share.  We need to ensure that our actions continue to have a positive impact on the environment.  The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce believes the business community must engage the same passion and dedication to the environment as it does to their respective business principles.  This can be achieved through proper management of resources, products and waste.



To protect the environment by reducing waste, saving energy and eliminating pollution.



  1. Education

  2. Establish and achieve environmental goals, to promote continuous improvement

  3. Eliminate pollution

  4. Reduce natural resource reliance

  5. Save energy

  6. Promote use of recyclable materials whenever possible


End Statement

It is our obligation to explore and implement environmentally sound business practices that reduce waste, save energy and prevent pollution.  A cleaner environmental footprint will benefit our community, our businesses and set an example for others to help guarantee a healthy environment for future generations.  The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to partnering with its member businesses, and the community-at-large, to achieve these goals.


2014 Green Business Award

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Tips and Strategies for a Green Business

Starting a Green Business Initiative (pdf)

Green Business Strategy (pdf)


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