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The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation (“the Foundation”) supports the charitable endeavors of the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce.


The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation may award up to two (2) scholarships to qualified students graduating from Oconomowoc High School on selected years. Each $500 scholarship is intended to offset the cost of secondary university or technical college education.


Grants may be available and awarded annually to agencies, organizations or programs to support projects that meet one or more of the Foundation's objectives in the Oconomowoc area community.

Grant applications will be reviewed as received for requests of up to $1,000. Grant requests should include a written narrative describing the project, how the funds will be used, the project timeline and the fiscal agent for the grant. A written update on the grant’s impact and project outcomes is required within six months of the award.

For more information about how to request funding through the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

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General Information


The Foundation’s funds and activities support the charitable, educational, and literary goals described below.


The advancement of education and/or science in the greater Oconomowoc area; the erection or maintenance of public buildings, monuments, or works; and the lessening of the burdens of local government.

Examples of previous charitable activities include support for the following community projects:

  • Imagination Station – a universally accessible playground, where children of all abilities can learn, play and grow side-by-side, located in Roosevelt Park, in Oconomowoc, WI.
  • Downtown beautification – assist and support local government in enhancing the public’s use and enjoyment of the public areas in and around downtown Oconomowoc and its surrounding lakes, in projects such as the construction of public benches, the development of walkways, etc.
  • Rosenow Creek – assist and support state and local government in the restoration of Rosenow Creek, a designated trout stream, to its natural state in order to reduce stream- bank erosion, enhance water quality, and improve habitat for wildlife.


Developing and supporting partnerships between local educational institutions and the surrounding business community in order to supplement the educational experience of local students, enhance their workforce preparedness, and provide instruction to the public on subjects useful and beneficial to the Oconomowoc community.

Examples of previous educational activities include support for the following projects:

  • Reducing the Skills Gap – explore, facilitate and enhance partnerships and increased communication between local educational institutions (e.g., high schools, technical colleges, etc.), state and local officials, and members of the business community in order to help reduce the so-called “skills gap” between non-college bound high school students and the needs of local manufacturers and other employers for technical and skilled labor.
  • Green business and community initiatives – assist and educate local businesses and the community on ways to explore and implement environmentally sound business and personal practices in order to reduce waste, save energy, prevent pollution and create a cleaner environmental footprint for the surrounding community.
  • Oconomowoc Area School District – support and develop partnerships between local businesses and the OASD to enhance the educational objectives of the OASD, by funding scholarships for local students, supporting the Reality Store initiative, facilitating internships and work-study opportunities, etc.

Literary & Arts:  

Promote literacy and the appreciation of the arts in the Oconomowoc community.

Examples of previous literary activities include support for projects such as:

  • Oconomowoc Public Library – partner with the Oconomowoc Public Library to promote children’s reading programs and similar initiatives, which are designed to increase literacy in local youth and develop a lifelong appreciation for reading.
  • Promotion of the arts – support and promote local cultural events such Gallery Nights, art festivals, theatrical performances and the Oconomowoc Arts Center.


The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.  Monetary investments to support our objectives are always welcome, tax-deductible and will be put to outstanding use. Please contact us at 262-567-2666 to learn more or make an investment in a stronger Oconomowoc.


The principal and business offices of the Foundation are located in the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce offices, 175 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc 53066. Contact us at 262-567-2666 or via email to


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