Business Management Series

OACC Business Management Series

Are you looking for practical, affordable training opportunities to advance your career and skill set?  We are here to help!  The OACC Business Education Committee’s mission is to create meaningful and relevant educational opportunities to assist in the growth, development and success of our member businesses.  

The 2019 Business Management Series will provide current and practical information to give local businesses and non-profits invaluable insights in employee relations, workplace communications and current trends in digital marketing.  Each workshop is presented by highly respected individuals who are experts in the subject matter.



Employee Recruitment, Engagement and Retention – Strategies Used by a Top Workplace (as named by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) for 10 Consecutive Years

Being Top Workplace means that your company has carefully thought about creating an environment where people want to work and have long-lasting careers.  It’s a place where people choose to work over other competing organizations because of what they believe the company can offer to them.  But it’s more than tangibles such as compensation, benefits and other perquisites.  It’s also the intangibles that help to engage employee so that they will be productive and loyal to you.

Workshop participants will be able to:
     --Identify strategies to hire high performing talent
     --Determine ways to recognize and engage employees
     --Explore employee retention efforts and determine those that are a best fit for your culture
     --Measure the impact of your efforts

Communication Skills – Not Your Typical Workshop on Effective Communication

In this world of constant change, our communication skills are a determining factor in our success and failure.  If you are searching to build a positive, collaborative, and trusting work environment, or further develop successful working relationships, join us in identifying how to strengthen the foundational communication skills from which your business/career will thrive. 

Workplace communication can be challenging but done well, it is also rewarding.  It takes a strong sense of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal confidence to be vulnerable.  To maximize the return on your investment of time, participants will receive a Communication Style Inventory to complete (ideally) prior to this workshop to identify strengths (to capitalize on) and weaknesses (to develop) which will enhance their own workplace performance. 

Workshop participants will be able to:
     --Explain the Five C’s of Effective Communication
     --Determine the best way to get their point across
     --Identify the most common barriers to communication
     --Explore the role emotion plays in communication and discuss strategies and techniques for managing its impact

Digital Marketing, Content, and You!

In this workshop, Paragon Marketing Group will discuss many topics about how to use digital platforms to help your business grow.  Topics will include best practices for Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, using content to your advantage, and some current trends that you should know to help you and your business.

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