Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Job Expo

The Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Job Expo provides the opportunity for job seekers and local business to connect.

For employers, it provides a unique opportunity to promote your business and open positions to those who are actively seeking work.  For job seekers, it is an opportunity to learn about the many great companies with both full-time and part-time positions in the Oconomowoc area.  It also presents the ability to conveniently meet with representatives from many employers in a single day.

There is no cost to attend, although employers must register for a booth.  (Employers click here to register).

Tips for Job Seekers

Prepare for the Job Expo

  • Review the list of employers attending the expo (scroll further down the page).  Identify companies that interest you, and research their products, services, goals, needs, and open positions.
  • Think about the questions you will ask.   This will not only demonstrate your interest in the employer’s organization but will also help you answer the recruiter’s questions confidently.  Prepare to tell them why you are interested in their company, how your previous work experience is relevant to the position you are seeking, and the other skills and experiences you can bring to the company
  • Prepare your resume – now is a great time to update and polish it.

At the Job Expo

  • Wear business attire to make a great first impression.  Think about the companies and positions for which you will apply.  Through the research you did in preparing for the expo, you will have a pretty good idea how formal their workplace is.     
  • Bring copies of your resume and if you have interest in particular companies and jobs, a cover letter that targets that employer’s needs will really help you stand out.   
  • After meeting with an employer, ask for contact information and next steps, such as filling out an application or scheduling a formal interview.

After the Job Expo

Recruiters at the expo will have met with many candidates, so keep yourself top of mind with these tips that will help refresh their memory about you. 

  • Send a note the following day to thank them for meeting with you.  While hand-written notes will make an impression, an email or phone call is perfectly fine.  Remember to include information about the position of interest and highlight your skills and strengths that meet the employer’s specific needs.
  • Even if you gave your resume to the recruiter, send another copy of it and a cover letter to each employer that has a position that interests you.

Thank you for attending the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Job Expo.  We wish you good luck in your job search!








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